Saturday, March 2, 2013

What I have learnt about weight loss

I have tried to lose weight for years, and recently I discovered my own personal answer to why I couldn't lose weight: I had Hashimoto's Disease. (Now not all of you will have Hashimoto's Disease of course, but what my condition has taught me contains great wisdom that can help YOU finally get your weight under control - keep reading). So for years I kept putting on weight or being unable to lose weight and getting frustrated with myself thinking it was all my fault. I had messages running through my head like "You're so fat and lazy, Michelle. You're undisciplined, and unmotivated", all this despite the fact that I didn't eat very much and I worked out frequently. Here's the deal - it wasn't my fault, and it isn't yours either! Let me explain.

Now that I have learnt that I have Hashimoto's Disease I have learnt that in order to reverse my symptoms I need to eat completely gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free to stay healthy. And it is working! I am no longer vomitting, constantly tired, and I have lost nearly 5 kg (10 pounds) in 2 months! Here is the key point: Once I realised how completely evil these foods were for me and how they destroyed my body I no longer wanted anything to do with them. So cutting them out of my diet was easy because I was fully convinced. My point is this: If you are trying to lose weight stop blaming yourself and start blaming the foods you are putting into your body. Read up on the dangers of sugar, artificial sweeteners, highly processed grains, butter - whatever it is that you put into your body that you know isn't healthy. The more you read the more you discover in intimate details not only how poisonous these things are for you, but also how food companies have deliberately manipulated the chemical structure of food to be addictive. Why is this important? Because it means you can forgive yourself and heal. You are not lazy. Large corporations have been deliberately deceiving you and trying to create a dependency in you so you will keep buying these foods. They do not want you to succeed in losing weight, they want your money. Once you realise this you can get angry and fight back and know fully in every fibre of your being that it is not your fault.

Dieting doesn't work because it operates on an "I want it but I can't have it" principle which means you feel deprived and because of this are set up to fail. But when you know and become fully convinced of the fact that the foods you are putting in your body are not in fact actual foods but toxic food-like substances you can change that statement around. You realise you don't have to starve yourself, you realise you are in control. You are empowered, you could eat anything in the whole world that you wanted to (no restrictions!), but those foods that used to hold so much appeal for you, you will find you no longer want. "I can have it but I don't want it." See the difference in power between those two statements?

So pick your favourite toxic substance, do some research and list some of your findings or the useful links you find in the comments below. Let's start our own resource to help empower others. Information is key.

Remember: you are not the problem, the food is.

Sending much love to you all today!

Photo credit: Scale-A-Week 5 July 2010 by puuikibeach on Flickr.

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