Friday, August 30, 2013

On Life and Love (A Poem)

On life and love

The loss of a relationship
Is not grief or sorrow
As some might imagine
But rather the amplification of joy -
The sudden and overwhelming
Flavours of an intense bond
Recollected in fondness
Which having been steeped in hot
water, like tea
Provide a blast of succulent sweetness
That is nectar to the soul

(It was always there
You just never experienced it so fully and
Completely before)

For the loss is not an ending
It is a transfer of energy
An offering of gratitude for all
The shared memories
And a passing on of the baton
To someone new who is able
To take your beloved to new heights
And different peaks
That are necessary for the evolution
Of their soul

And so, we push past our reluctance
Prise open our clenched fist
And let the ladybird of that friendship
Fly free to the horizon, where
The dawning light
Of a new day greets us
Welcoming us back to ourselves

Inside our own skin again -
In stillness -
We pause,
Until in time we notice
That our heart has re-expanded
Open and ready
To nurture another companion again.

Photo credit: Photo by GaggieITMI on Flickr.

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